Can I Wear These Outside?

It seems like stores are starting to sell a lot of lounge pants. They look like pajama pants to me, although in most cases they are better quality. No, I’m not talking about plaid, flannel, loose fitting pajama pants. I’m talking about all of the polyester tile patterns and floral prints I see in so many stores. I got a beautiful pair for my birthday but I’m afraid that if I wear them outside people will think they are pajamas. A lot of my favorite bloggers are doing it but I’m in Utah. Maybe it still hasn’t gone out of style since it was last popular in 1990 here. What would you do?

When You Don’t Know What Your Personal Style Is

I think everyone has at least one thing in their home that really speaks to their personal style. Instead of copying a look out of a fashion magazine it’s much more interesting to take your inspiration from this piece. For instance today I was looking at musicans friend and thinking about the people that own extended range electric guitars.

They definitely have a cool rock and roll look with a slightly vintage feel. There’s also a lot of cool colors on the instruments. If you own one of these please base your entire wardrobe off of this inspiration. There’s so many things you can do with all of the color and retro design. It’s not just for stage outfits, it can be a pair of black leather leggings or purple ombre hair dye. If you don’t know what your personal style is look for a piece that you love and work from there.

Shows Based Around Great Hair

Season 4 of Pretty Little Liars is available today on Netflix. Even though it has nothing to do with fashion and hair I think that’s why it’s popular. Sure, I’m dying to know who A is. However, the bigger question is how does Aria get her hair to hold curl like that or what shade of eyebrow pencil does she use. Even though it’s a really engaging storyline I think it’s popular in a large part due to the genius hair and makeup people.