Rethinking LC

When Lauren Conrad first debuted her clothing line at Kohl’s I thought that the clothes were much too old for her, let alone me. It was an old lady style that puzzingly only looked good on size 0-2 women. However, I’ve been trying it on lately and found out that I’m an old lady at heart even if I don’t have the size 2 body. I think the key is to mix and match with “younger” pieces like skinny jeans or awesome boots and jewelry.

Wishful Thinking

I have a soft voice. It’s always a problem; especially at drive thru windows. I usually go inside just for that reason.I usually end up having to repeat everything even if I yell. I love talking on Skype because both sides can control the volume. I’ve been joking lately that I need a portable pa system like the one at gc so that I can be heard. I’ve always wanted one but I’m not a singer. I could still find a use for it though instead of having to repeat myself 14 times.

How to Talk to Your Hairstylist

I forgot one piece of advice in my previous post. I think I love my hair so much because I did something a little bit different. I took in a picture of what I wanted. However, I also took in a picture of what I didn’t want which was even more helpful I think. I showed a picture of the last perm I had over a decade ago because I didn’t know all the terminology. I think that was the main reason this was so successful.