Less is More

I got a head start on my spring cleaning. Last year I cleaned everything out of my closet that I didn’t like or love. I kept quite a few items that had small holes, fading, or pilling to wear around the house because I still loved them. This year I got frustrated with finding things in my crowded closet and decided to donate about half of my closet.

It was scary because I don’t have the money to replace it and I still liked everything I had but it just wasn’t in great condition anymore. It’s the first time I’ve liked things enough to want to go get similar styles and colors to replace them. I put everything in bags in a different room to see if I could really survive on such a limited wardrobe. I’ve found that it’s easier to put outfits together because I can see everything I own and it just feels better. I haven’t run out of clothes yet but it will be a test to see how long my “nicer” things last when they are in a faster rotation.

A Special Treat

When I think of Easter, of course I think of church. It seems like throughout my entire childhood up until now the Easter music has been the same. As a special treat someone plays the flute along with the choir and the piano. It is always announced that same way; as a special treat.

I really wish they would do it several times a year because it is so beautiful. It’s strange to me that it’s rarely a violin and never a clarinet. Probably there aren’t enough musicians to do this more often, probably if they knew they could save on bass flute from guitar center more people would play. Even though it is called a special treat every single year and it’s always the same; I still look forward to the flute music.

My New Way of Shopping

Since I’ve been on such a tight budget over the past year or so I’ve really had to get creative with how I shop. At first I just decided I wasn’t going to shop anymore at all and it ended up creating a big mess. It’s kind of like when you diet and then all of a sudden you eat all the dessert you can find.

Instead, I started shopping but not buying anything. I would save what I wanted either on Pinterest or a file on my desktop. I would wait to see if it went on sale. In a lot of instances my favorite items sold out. I found out though that after a few weeks I was sick of looking at it and no longer felt like buying it. If I still liked it after this time period I could buy it if it was still in stock but this only happened about 10% of the time. This has dramatically cut down on my purchases but I haven’t felt deprived.