My Shopping List for This Fall

Granted, I’m going to buy most of this from thrift stores (not the leggings). Here is what I feel like I need for fall/winter this year.

1. Galaxy print leggings
2. Faux leather leggings in gray
3. Oversized sweatshirt with crocheted skull
4. Envelope purse
5. Tall boots
6. Leather moto jacket

Some of these pieces were popular last year or even the year before but I tend to think about trends for a long time before I decide to buy. In this case I’m ready because even though they’re trends they speak so much to my persoanlity that I’ll have them for awhile.

Skipping a Season

Summer has lasted longer here than I remember in previous years. I don’t think we’re going to have much of a fall at all. I’m sure depending on where you live some people are calling in Cary nc ac repair still and I know some places in the East already are going into winter. It’s a shame because fall is my favorite season because of all of the comfort food, great colors, and especially the clothes. I want to get a denim jacket to wear with maxi skirts but I don’t think we’ll have a lot of that weather. It will move straight into coat weather even though right now everyone is still wearing shorts.

My Shopping Wish List

At the top of my wish list is a t-shirt that says “All those who wander are not lost”. I want to wear it hiking. So far I’ve only found one at Shopko and it was a juniors size and also in a color that I really didn’t care for. I love the idea of it so much that I could probably buy (and wear) seven different ones. Has anyone else found a shirt like this?