My Most Worn Item

I got a huge oversized cardigan at 10 dollar mall and I wear it almost every day lately. I call it my blanket with sleeves because it’s so comfy. This usually isn’t the most flattering style on me but this cardigan falls just right. It’s so warm and cozy that it seems to be a part of every outfit lately. I’m definitely getting a high cost per wear out of it. I thought I would just wear it once in awhile but it’s a wardrobe staple if you’re thinking about buying one get it!


Christmas is such a stressful time that music has become my escape. I don’t even like watching TV right now. I just turn on Youtube and listen to my favorite music and sit by the Christmas tree in the dark. It’s almost as soothing as going to the spa. While I can’t keep the tree up year round I definately want to decompress and listen to music more instead of just using it in the background. Some of my friends have great sounds systems but I would have to learn the difference between powered speakers and what I actually need in my living room before I put anything like that together.

Wishlist for Santa

I really want combat boots for Christmas this year but I don’t want them to be heavy and I want them to be comfy and I want them to be age appropriate. That is asking a lot even for Santa. I think I want a foldover design but not necessarily with a floral fabric. Aztec is probably out too and it needs to be in a color that matches everything but isn’t black. They don’t exist on this planet so when the elves make them if they could be orthopedic that would be fantastic.