Wishlist for Santa

I really want combat boots for Christmas this year but I don’t want them to be heavy and I want them to be comfy and I want them to be age appropriate. That is asking a lot even for Santa. I think I want a foldover design but not necessarily with a floral fabric. Aztec is probably out too and it needs to be in a color that matches everything but isn’t black. They don’t exist on this planet so when the elves make them if they could be orthopedic that would be fantastic.

Skirt Lengths

There is an episode of Gilmore Girls where Lorelai is talking about how all of this seasons skirt lengths are either too long or too short to be flattering on her. It took me awhile to come around to maxi skirts but when I did I bought several and loved them. Now they are feeling heavy and I’m seeing more midi skirts (also previously just called skirts before midi became a word) that I think are more fashionable now. I’m thinking about hemming at least a few of my maxi skirts this summer because I’m pretty sure that’s what Lorelai Gilmore would do. Shorter skirts would make me feel like dancing or going on vacation for private dance lessons in santa monica. Good thing I have all winter to think about it.

Fashion Trends for Winter 2014 – Galaxy Skirts

The past few years have been all about galaxy style leggings. You may think that this style is too young for you but you still love the print. It might not suit your body shape. Try a more graceful galaxy skirt (you can even wear solid color leggings underneath). Some of the items from this ebay listing are on my must buy list.