Diamonds you can afford tip #3

It always confuses me when diamond rings are put on clearance. Most of us will wear our diamond rings, especially engagement, rings, for the rest of our lives, so diamond rings don’t look as dated as most other types of jewelry because they have to be set in such a way that won’t go out of style. Diamonds are forever, & they don’t go out of vogue. People don’t rush out to replace their engagement ring every five years. I guess the jewelry stores just have to make room for new merchandise. This is to our benefit, because I’ve seen very classic styles on clearance, such as a princess cut solitaire & a past, present, & future ring. So look for after holiday sales & see what you can find on clearance. Diamonds shouldn’t be on clearance, but they are, so take advantage of it!

The big question

Life is full of difficult questions. One of these is “Would I let celebrities clean my shower?”. I came across a contest today that is like nothing that I’ve ever seen. You win a day with Brad & Katie from “As the World Turns”. Austin Peck & Terri Columbino will come to your house & do your least favorite chore for you. The winner also gets $5,000. All you have to do is Click here to enter for free. I’d probably be too embarrassed to ask them to do anything that is real work.

It’s just such an interesting idea that I’ve never thought about before. I would definitely want make-up tips from Katie, but that’s not really a chore. If I did let them clean, I would probably have cleaned it in advance, kinda like fixing your hair before you go to the hair dresser. I guess my least favorite chore would have to be ironing, & that doesn’t seem so embarrassing as asking a celebrity to clean the toliet would be. I have a new respect for these stars, you have to be a very good spot to agree to do this. What chore would you have them do?