Sterling Toering Giveaway


Update: This contest is closed but a new one starts on Monday!

The other day I was experiencing the fashion phenomenon known as “feeling gross”. I did not feel confidant. Then I put on earrings and instantly felt better. This is one of the reasons that I give away jewelry at random every week. Everyone needs a pick me up sooner or later & women should feel special no matter the circumstances. The winner can either keep the jewelry or give it away. To enter the contest just read the rules and then leave a comment with who you would give this to and why or a random act of kindness.

The prize this week is a sterling silver adjustable toe ring with hearts and scrolls on it.

The Rules:

Please don’t sell the jewelry, it’s to make whoever receives it feel special. The winner will be chosen by a random number generator at 6pm on Friday Mountain Time.

Contestants should be over 18 & live in the lower 48 states because I’ll be paying shipping. I won’t sell or abuse your mailing address.

If you’ve already won a Random Act of Bling, you can win again, but please give the jewelry away at random.

Please leave a valid e-mail address, this is how I will contact you if you win. The subject line of the email will say something like “Random Acts of Bling: You Won” I’ll also announce the winner in a blog post. If I can’t reach you then I might have to relist your prize.

If you want to link or stumble this post it would be appreciated but is not required.

Comment/trackback/link should be about a random act of kindness or who you would give this jewelry to & why.

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Is it just me…

Is it just me or is there only one wedding dress in existence? I watch shows like “Say Yes to the Dress” They usually have the bride try on three dresses. Two of the dresses are ugly. The third dress has ruching on the top, which is gathered material. It looks like a mummy. Then the dress extends into a large skirt that has been gathered at random to look like what one groom called “crumpled paper”.

I don’t know if it’s a really figure flattering dress or if it requires a fat loss pill to look good. The dress comes in different price points but is always over the bride’s budget. I assume that there are thousands of wedding dresses to choose from but it seems like every bride on every wedding show is wearing the mummy crumpled paper dress.

Sarakastic on Tanning

My name is Sarakastic & I’ve never been tan. Whenever I go on Vegas vacations I stand out cause I’m the tourist wearing long pants instead of shorts. I did get sunburned a few times. However, I was always very obedient about wearing sunscreen. I suspected that tanning beds and tanning in general isn’t super healthy so I’ve just said no all these years.

Once I tried one of those tanning sprays. It came out all splotchy, I looked like a leopard so that doesn’t really count. I had to wear socks instead of sandals for two weeks…with turtle necks and long sleeves. It resembled a horrible accident with a vat of orange and brown food coloring. I know it’s not healthy but it seems like every girl that is deemed to be attractive is also tan. I guess looking like a leopard isn’t attractive.