Pearl Dangle Earrings Contest

This contest is closed but a new one starts today!

Lately I’ve become busy, and tired, and generally grown up. I find myself thinking about myself and things that I need, instead of the ideas I had when I was younger of making the world a better place. That is not ok with me. Every week I try to give away a piece of jewelry at random to brighten someone’s day and hopefully start a ripple effect of kindness. The winner can either keep the jewelry or pass it on to someone else. To enter the contest just leave a comment with who you would give this to and why or a random act of kindness.

The prize this week are 8mm freshwater white pearls set in a 2″ sterling silver design.

The Rules:

Please don’t sell the jewelry, it’s to make whoever receives it feel special. Winner will be chosen by a random number generator at 6pm on Friday Mountain Time.

Contestants should be over 18 & live in the lower 48 states because I’ll be paying shipping. I won’t sell or abuse your mailing address.

If you’ve already won a Random Act of Bling, you can win again, but please give the jewelry away at random.

Please leave a valid e-mail address, this is how I will contact you if you win. The subject line of the email will say something like “Random Acts of Bling: You Won” I’ll also announce the winner in a blog post. If I can’t reach you then I might have to relist your prize.

If you want to link or stumble this post it would be appreciated but is not required.

Comment/trackback/link should be about a random act of kindness or who you would give this jewelry to & why.