Random Acts of Bling

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A few years ago, I was watching an episode of Oprah about America’s poor. They all seemed to say the exact same phrase, “I feel invisible”. I was surprised by all of the problems that these people were having, the feeling that they were not seen was the very worst. I’ve heard this sentiment echoed by people of all social classes & situations.

Random Acts of Bling is my way of saying, I get that life is hard, here’s something sparkly, look at it & feel special. It’s not a life changing thing, I’m just trying to make more of an effort to really see people & make them see their own strength. While it doesn’t change their situation, hopefully, it will remind people that one day, something random & good happened to them because they are worth it.

I think that if in the “Lord of the Rings” a ring can make you invisible, then a nice piece of jewelry can make you feel visible. Everyone needs to be seen. I will be holding this contest every Monday, giving away a free piece of jewelry at random. (I’ll even pay shipping, & who doesn’t love a freebie?). You are free to keep it, or to randomly give it away.

The winner will be chosen again at random with an online random number generator on 6pm Mountain Time on Thursday Friday. I’m not going by central time, because quite frankly, I never get that right. The comment can either be a trackback, a regular comment, or a link to a post on your blog. The comment/post should contain an example of an act of kindness that you have seen or heard about, something that makes me think, “Maybe people don’t suck so much”. A link back is appreciated but not required.

The Rules:

You can’t sell the jewelry. It must be worn & preferably make you feel special. It’s yours to keep, or give away. If you’ve already won a piece of jewelry, feel free to keep entering, but you must give the jewelry away to someone you don’t know. I’ve decided to use my blogs to promote this rather than doing it in person because I will be able to reach more people. I would love to see this jewelry go to the Mom who’s kids are screaming in the grocery store, or the waitress who works 10 hours a day, anyone who needs a reminder that they are special & that good things can happen to them. I have no way of policing this, but I would love if you left a testimonial about your experience.

One entry per person, per week.

Please be over 18 or have the permission of your parents to give out your address.

You must be ok with giving me your shipping address if you win. I pinky swear that I won’t sell it or spam you. I will pay for all shipping costs.

Contestants must live in the lower 48 states, unless someone can suggest an inexpensive way to ship to other countries.

Please leave a valid e-mail address, this is how I will contact you if you win. If I can’t reach you then I might have to relist your prize.

I reserve the right to change the rules, because I’m a princess.

If you are wondering where I get the jewelry, I buy it. Most of the jewelry is silver so it might tarnish a little over time but can easily be cleaned.

Go to this post to enter

Feel free to use this graphic to tell other people about random acts of bling.

Random Acts of Bling

32 thoughts on “Random Acts of Bling

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  5. Short look at our life. my wife and I dated in high school, we were first loves. We seperated in 1976, we got back together in 1992. She had 4 sons, I had 1 son, together we had another son and finally a daughter she is now 13 going on 23. We lost a son on January 20, 2008. He took his own life, our family will never be the same. My wife’s heart will never be the same. She hurts more than anyone should ever have to. She also has always loved jewelry diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, rubies, tanzanite, she loves it all her birthday is Oct. 23 she will be 50 this year (2008) I would love to give her a beautiful piece of jewelry, I know it will never make her completly happy, but it sure would put a smile on her face. Yes at one time we had all 7 children at home. Ages 1 to 12, it was a wonderful crazy time in our lives. We loved every minute.

  6. My friend invited me to their house on Thanksgiving Day, because they knew my husband died a few years ago and I would be at home alone on Thanksgiving Day.

  7. I would love to win this for my mother in law who is battling Breast Cancer. She had a masectemy and She does not feel very beautiful right now.

  8. I would love to have something special besides my words of wisdom to present to my daughter who will be graduating this june from high school,shes worked so hard to get into college without any financial help from her dad and i and i just want to be able to say thank you for trying without saying a word

  9. I have seen many acts of kindness in my lifetime. But the one done for me stands out the most. While traveling out state with my 4 year old daughter – a tractor trailer driver fell asleep and hit us – twice. My daughter and I were both hurt – but not too badly. The state trooper came to the hospital when we got released, took us to the hotel, helped me get my items and when I left gave me $300 in cash and told me when I got home mail it back to him. I guarantee you that the money was in the mail that afternoon. I wish I knew how to contact him – that has been over 20 years ago and I still remember his kindness. He could have wrote his report and walked away but he took time and made sure we were both okay and that I had enough money to not have to worry about it. He was my angel that day.

    I would love to win the jewelry to give to a friend I volunteer with. Her son was killed in an accident earlier this year and I would love to offer some small cheer to her.

  10. I really like your philosophy here. This contest itself makes ME think “maybe people don’t suck so much.” But if you want to hear about something or somebody else’s kindness, I think that pilot who safely landed the plane in the Hudson and saw to it that everyone got off safely is definitely a non-sucky guy. Yeah, he was just doing his job but he was doing it extremely well which seems kind of random these days.

  11. I want to say thanks for your brick donation towards my family’s rebuilding after the fire. The support of so many has been a true blessing and allowed us some much needed peace of mind. Thank you for your part in that.

    Travis Erwin

  12. Since my husband Randy wrote the short story of our life, my 3rd Son age 22, was riding his dad’s 4-wheeler with his best friend who was home from the Army. They had an accident and his best friend died. My poor son lost his brother and 9 months later lost his best friend. He would like to get married this spring, it will bring a smile to his face something he hasn’t done in over a year. His heart and life will never be the same but it would be really nice to give him a piece of jewelry. He is a wonderful son, he has lost his 2 best men. I love him and he deserves a little bit of bling. His birthday is Feb. 7 1986, Please let this little dream come true for me, to give him a little bling in his life.
    Thank You for reading this.

  13. I never keep anything I get. First, I try to find a home for something by offering the item to my friends/family. If I get no takers, I use the item as a present for an upcoming occasion. I donate to my kids’ school or my church to use as a prize for a fundraising activity. I donate to women’s shelters, charity thrift stores, and finally to Goodwill.

    It’s fun to share, fun to watch the joy on other’s faces when they receive something unexpected, and rewarding to see the gratitude on someone’s face who is less fortunate than I.

  14. It would be nice to get something for myself. I am always giving my things away as someone usually needs them more than myself but things that are given to me stay with me as it has a sentimental meaning.

  15. I just think this is a pretty sweet idea…on my radio show (mix 99.3)
    i promote random acts of kindness…how cool is it to do with bling?! love love!

    :) stace

  16. I would love to have a piece of jewelry to make me feel special.
    I am divorced, disabled mom of 3 children, 2 are special needs.
    What a wonderful act of kindness this is!

  17. I try to do at least one good deed a day. I care about what happens to good people. Once a week I go to the homeless shelter and help within the soup kitchen. With left-overs from the day before,I make sure that any friend’s kids,neighbors eat. I,by no means have money. Helping others is good to do. Thanks for listening. :)

  18. I like to try and win things. Generally if I don’t have a need for them, I will pass them on to someone else who would appreciate it. Prefer not to sell the items, because I just like the idea of someone enjoying something that I won and couldn’t enjoy. It’s fun. Probably 80% of what I win, I give away.

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