Do You Like Ombre Nails?

If everything I own could have an ombre effect to it I’d be perfectly happy. I love it on fashion, I love it on decor. I love it on hair even. However, the one area where I don’t love it is on nails. Fingernails are just too small for this to work properly on and still show the gradient effect. I don’t care what Pinterest shows. Sometimes they use glitter, or several different colors. Part of the nail might have a clear polish on it. Every time I see it this just grosses me out. It reminds me of a fungus or something. Do you like ombre nails?

Does It Really Look Good on Anyone?

Whenever I think of crop tops I think of that horrible sweatshirt in “Dirty Dancing”. As a child of the 1980s this still makes me cringe every single time. However, apparently the fashion designers feel differently. Now the trend is slightly more modest with a cami underneath. Somethings are enduring from season to season like xbox deals or storage ottomans. This isn’t the case with most fashion and hopefully not with crop tops either. It seems like the only thing that you can buy in any junior’s department. It seems to make even size 0 women look much larger. There really should be a vote before the fashion world is allowed to do this to us.

Probably Not…

It was a little bit different when I first moved to a small town in southern Utah. The old stresses of what other people were wearing or what I should look like melted away. Just yesterday I found myself wondering what was going on in the fashion world. People could be wearing bakers gas welding helmets for all I know.

I thought “Well, from what I can see it’s long skirts and hiking sandals. Wait that was popular a few years ago here…that probably isn’t it”. I haven’t given up on fashion but I have given up on caring what other people are doing or what is “trendy”. It’s just so much more peaceful and genuine this way. I will not sport the hiking sandals and long skirt look though…well unless I feel like it.