The Present Mountain

This is a phrase that was on Gilmore Girls once and I fell in love with it. Granted that show had most important scenes with a wood gazebo present and I don’t have one of those to finish off the look. I usually build my own mountain of presents for my birthday. This year I’m trying to do the same thing for Mother’s Day because she deserves it. They are mostly smaller gifts, but at least there are a lot of them. I’m so excited for Mother’s Day because how can you be sad when you get to open presents all day long if you space it out properly?

Druzy Pendant Contest

047.JPGUpdate:  This contest is now closed but a new one will start on Monday.

This morning I wasn’t very nice to someone. I wasn’t mean, I wasn’t even thinking about them, I was just tired & didn’t feel like being awake yet. The person smiled at me & wasn’t effected by my general grumpiness. Within minutes my entire day had turned around & I was smiling & cracking jokes.

Since I’m not a morning person, I have to discover my own ways to pass on kindness. One of these is to give away jewelry at random. Maybe the person needs it, or maybe they just like the piece & it makes them smile & feel special. The winner can either keep the jewelry or pass it on to someone else. The contest is easy to enter just read the rules & then leave a comment with who you would give to & why or a random act of kindness.

The prize this week is a druzy quartz pendant set in sterling silver with a 16″ sterling chain. Apparently, druzy doesn’t photograph well, but it looks like the inside of a geode, this one has all kinds of colors in it.

The Rules:

Please don’t sell the jewelry, it’s to make whoever receives it feel special. Winner will be chosen by a random number
generator at 6pm on Friday Mountain Time.

Contestants should be over 18 & live in the lower 48 states because I’ll be paying shipping. I won’t sell or abuse your
mailing address.

If you’ve already won a Random Act of Bling, you can win again, but please give the jewelry away at random.

Please leave a valid e-mail address, this is how I will contact you if you win. If I can’t reach you then I might have to relist
your prize.

If you want to link or stumble this post it would be appreciated but is not required.

Comment/trackback/link should be about a random act of kindness or who you would give this jewelry to & why.