Has Anyone Tried $5.99 Fashion?

I found out about this site $5.99 fashion when I was looking for a lot of Susie’s Deals replacements. Susie’s used to be my favorite store but a lot of them ended up closing down. Then they changed their pricing structure to be just $5.99 and up which is a huge difference. I always try to save money on household items, like I’d look into carpet cleaning durham nc options if I lived there. However, now it’s even cutting into my fashion budget.

I have been debating about whether or not to be able to try this site out for months. They have a different shipping policy where the more money that you spend the more you pay for shipping. I’ve really been into the quality of Coldwater Creek so now I’m spoiled. However, sometimes their stuff feels too matronly or it’s so nice that I try not to wear it too much. My theory with this new site is that if the stuff looks cheap online then it’s going to be worse in person. I ordered some of the most elegant things to combat this and can’t wait to try them out.

Being a Fashion Buyer

Like everyone who loves to shop there came a time when I really thought that I wanted to be a fashion buyer. Now I know how wrong I was about this thanks to the new show Fashion Star. It always amazes me how the buyers have to stay true to their customers and their store. What H&M likes, the other two buyers never seem to go to. For me it would just be too much pressure; I can barely find clothes that I like let alone try to figure out what will have mass appeal.

The Best Coldwater Creek Sale

Last Friday there was a Coldwater Creek flash sale. They had a lot of clearance items that usually aren’t listed on the site. I know because I check the site often. The only downside is that there wasn’t free shipping available. Items sold out so fast that it’s the only time shopping at that store that I’ve had problems with items being cancelled from my order. The deals weren’t quite as good as I usually wait for but the selection definitely was larger.